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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lightning Strike

This is my newest design, although the quilt is not quilted yet, thought I would show it to you anyway.

I should have taken a picture of the individual block before sewing into quilt.  This picture is the best I can do to let you see what the block looks like.  I will be sure to photo a block of the next quilt that I am going to be working on using same pattern.

This is another one of Nettie's quilts, using her color choice. I  have purchased material to do this in all pastels and white background.  I will be making this pastel quilt before I have pattern printed.  My plan is to have both quilted and photo ready to be printed on pattern, showing customers the optional 2 color or multi color quilt.

All winter I have been working with dark colors and I am so ready for something bright to work on.  Not that the colors I used were not beautiful, but I just need a change for a while.

So look for future post with pictures of both quilts after they are sewn and quilted.

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