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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This Is Something New

I quilter brought me a "memory" quilt - she used ties - again something new to me.

When she brought it to my house I didn't know she had not appliqued it to the background

After discussing with her our options we decided I would/could stitch the ties down as I'm quilting -  Again another first.   I had heard of using a long arm machine to do applique work but never tried it myself -  this was somewhat different however, because the ties were only pinned on not fixed down with anything but the pins.

UP for the challenge I proceed, and you know it wasn't so bad - attached ties using a straight line ruler everything laid down without problems and the background was meandered as were the circles and semi circles on the corner fans.

Each day it seem I learn something new.  

I must say my quilting ladies do keep me on my toes.

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