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Sunday, May 22, 2016

After MSQC

This maybe short

Got home Friday night around 9pm from one of the best times ever. As you know I went with 22 other ladies to Missouri Star Quilt Co. Hamilton MO. On a quilters retreat

It was a trip that I had planned since last August. Seemed as if it would never get here but finally on Monday some of us headed to Hamilton. Others arrived on Tuesday.

We had such a good time.  When there are quilters getting together there is always specific things that happen. Sewing of course that is the purpose of the trip right. But that also means shopping. When you have 12 quilt shops available to you it's almost a requirement. And then there is food. After all we have to keep up our strength

Unfortunately I can not add any pictures to this blog post.  My lap top seems to have died while I was gone so I'm typing this on my iPad and I can not attach pictures.

So as soon as I can either fix or buy new laptop there will be pictures coming at a later date

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