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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back In Business

Ah Ha My Lap Top is fixed and I can now post pictures to the blog

Lets start with my latest finished quilt.  The Binding Tool Star Quilt.    I made the blocks at the MSQC retreat last week and within a few days of being home I had the top put together.

Last night I finished the quilting.   Still practicing and improving my stitching I quilted it custom using a never before by me "curly feathers wreath" -  I have been wanting to try this stitching but was always hesitant not knowing if I could pull it off or not.  After all its my quilt and if I dont like it I could rip stitches out. Well let me tell you Im thrilled to the moon  how well it turned out - why was I so afraid of trying?

the rest of the quilt was stitched in the ditch on the braids, stippling in the small center squares and a sort of clam echo separating the braids.  This is a 65x65 wall hanging

Ok here is what I need -  wishing me good luck! - I entered this quilt in the Madison Expo Sept 8-10 -  its has to be approved before its accepted - so fingers crossed.

For years I have been encouraged by many people to submit a quilt to the expo, but I never really thought I was worthy.  At long last I feel I can put some of my quilts/quilting up against other quilters.

Big Head!!  no - just hoping they accept this -  I also sent in entry for another quilt -  my 33x33 Butter Cream

So now its wait and see if they are accepted.   

Even if they are not accepted at least I finally convinced myself to give it a try.

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