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Monday, May 2, 2016

No I Dont Want To!!!!!

Housework is over rated right?

As I look around and see a thousand threads on the floor, bits of playdoh pieces under the table, dust I can write my name in.  So what should a person do?

Not housework thats for sure !!!!!

Instead I worked on a project Im taking to MSQC retreat - and cut all my pattern(s) fabrics. for the retreat. Savings space just in case fabric follows me home from Missouri.

Still have half a day of daylight - clean house - NO!!!

Instead I completed this

Made the leaves at some sewing days with friends, and instead of doing what needs to be done, I put it all together yesterday afternoon and into the night.  I followed the instructions from the pattern but,  Either they were incorrect or my placement was too close because half way through ran out of leaves .  Lucky I still had fabrics left to use.  Barely skimmed out enough but I managed although I had to cheat a little and make some leaves smaller than the others - only I can tell.  And if you are riding by on horseback you will never know.  

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