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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tallman House Tour

I have lived here almost all of my life except for early years birth to age 5 or 6.

In all that time I have yet to really explore Wisconsin.

Check off one of my to do's -  with 3 friends we went and toured the Tallman house in Janesville - How wonderful it was.

This has been something I had promised myself for years and it finally happened.

 started tour at Helen Jeffris Wood Museum 

 couldn't resit taking pictures of some of the carpets

 the bed Lincoln slept it
they actually had indoor plumbing - sinks in bedrooms - cold water only
 we were told the quilts were not the original to the house but had been made and donated to the house

 gorgeous velvet in the master bedroom

 double sinks who knew?

 guess who discovered her flash on phone camera lol

 servant room
 indoor toilets  lol why so many and different size -  mama poppa and baby bear

 lower level kitchen and working parts of home where servants prepared meals

there is more to see but you will just have to take the tour yourself

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