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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Busy Hands

That would be me - busy doing whatever is needed to be done.

This morning its another customer quilt - yesterday did one as well



I'm always excited when one of my customers uses one of MY patterns to make a quilt.  This is Knot Garden and it looks so lovely with red/white/blue

Yesterday was an unusual quilt - customer brought a quilt that had already been quilted by another quilter, but she felt it needed more quilting and asked if I could fill in the blanks.

So I did:

These are the after pictures

These are before I added more stitching   Filling in negative space with stippling, veined the leaves - added flowers petals and even more stitching  to other areas of the quilt and appliques.

It was beautiful before, and now the customer is even more pleased with it.

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