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Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Adventure To Washington Island

I cant begin to tell you how wonderful my experience was going to Washington Island with my fantastic sister-in-law Donna Kallner.  We went to Sievers School of Fine Arts - where Donna was teaching a class on Local Color.

The adventure begins driving to their house on Friday where we spent hours talking with her and brother Bill - staying overnight and then headed off to the island together Saturday morning.

Before leaving her house I had to ask - would like to see your hand dyed yarn.  My mistake, but so happy I did.

Because.............. I fell in love with her yarns and purchased 4 skeins before even going to bed.

Happy with my purchase I packed it to go along with us to the island where I had proceed to start knitting the first night there.

The colors are much more vibrant in real life  and if you want to see or purchase any of her yarns or other fantastic dyed fabrics and scarves - she has an Etsy shop

You have to take a ferry to get to the island...

Once there the real magic begins:

Classes with some really wonderful and talented ladies - delicious foods at various restaurants on the island 

Donna is an excellent teacher and I learned so much from her and even the other students.  We shared our thoughts and ideas and before it was over I had made some delightful new friends.

Oh and just because it is an island doesn't mean there aren't  places to shop - right at Sievers School of Fine Arts there is a consignment shop -  anyone who has taken classes or taught at Sievers has the opportunity to have their work considered for consignment sales.   My first introduction to the store was to purchase a set of knitting needles to start my project.  Without even taking my purse in (we were checking in and didn't need it) I was informed "you can run a tab"   holy mackrel I knew I was in big time trouble right then and there.


buildings were as beautiful as the scenery around them:

I could write a months worth of Blogs or a book on all that I did and saw and still have not done or seen it all.

I will be going back for more classes sometime in the future and maybe I can take someone with me.

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