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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Homework Is Done

No the dog didn't eat it, just took a little more time than I expected.

One of the classes that I took with Donna at Sievers School of Fiber Art, was photo transfer and making wearable art from these transfers.

Instead of a making a bracelet I chose to make a book marker.  I do a lot of reading and thought this would be more useful to me than a bracelet.

Step 1 - take a picture of something you want to use in your project.

Step 2 - this is the hard part - have Donna tweak it, expand on it and print it onto transfer paper.

Step 3 - heat transfer to moleskin suede fabric

From there I trimmed to the size wanted - glued a backing onto it and proceeded to sew beads around the edge.

I have news for you, beading takes practice getting nice even stitches.  Like most hand stitching you can make a real mess of something by not being consistent with the stitches.  Because mine didn't look so even I used a trick to blend the colors so it wasn't very noticeable.

You didn't think I was going to tell you the trick did you.  HEHEHEHE nope.

The photo was taken at a restaurant we went to on the island.  It was a Viking wooden sculpture hanging on the wall and looked very interesting to me.

Pretty happy with the results and I do have other transfers waiting to made into pins.  That is for a later date though.

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