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Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Fun Quilt

One of my customers "Michelle" made this cute cute wall hanging

Its just the cutest thing with surf boards, even a VW bus and flip flops - I used a panto called Sparkler by Dawna Sanders.

After finishing the customer quilt yesterday went outside to do yard work, (time is limited) get as much done as I can before leaving on my girls weekend.

Happy Days - Diane and Roger came over - I think they planned for a short time and wound staying and helping me until 4 or 5 - thank you thank you thank you. I know I didnt come in until 6.

Huge amount of work got done -  brush and trees trimmed - and cleared Fiona's nest from all the weeds.

Time to clean up (me especially) and spend more time outside.

Its a beautiful cool day, just right for being outside.

Tomorrow - one more customer quilt and maybe one of my own before Thursday.

That would be awesome if I actually finished another one of my projects.  

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