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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Red White & Blue

Each time I get to quilt one of these I want to make one.

Love the fabrics

Customer Karyn used Yellow Brick Road Pattern.

I quilted using my free motion flags and loops

I just want to go out and buy some of these fabrics - love them

Now all 3 customer quilts have been completed as planned before my mini vacation.

Check list getting smaller - next on the list go shopping for some much needed items.

Oh and I received 2 more customer quilts in yesterday (tshirts) but they will wait until I return.

Looks as if any mowing will have to wait.  Was going to give the lawn a little trim before leaving, but after it rained there is no way I'm going to be getting that done.

LOL now I have something to look forward to when I get home.  

Can you believe it, I actually took some time to sit and enjoy the flowers and the water flowing yesterday afternoon.  That doesn't happen too often.   I went to inspect some of the weeding Ky had done for me - wound up clearing a small area on the mound.  Grabbed  a beer and sat and relaxed.

So that is what the patio is for!!!!!!!!! Who Knew!!!!!!

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