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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strip Quilts One and Two

Before leaving for my mini vacation I received a bag with 2 quilt tops - not even looking at them until yesterday, I thought they were Tshirt tops.

Why?  don't know just because the lady that dropped them off (for a friend) usually brings me T's to do.

Imagine my surprise when I find these 2 adorable strip quilts.

Free motion flowers

Free motion ribbon swirls

So cute and loving the colors she used

Reminder to self, don't assume you know whats in the bag.

Rain rain rain, making it impossible to attack the weeds that are enjoying their simple life in my flower beds.

Grrr don't get too comfortable, I will be out soon to take care of business.

On the other hand the flowers are also loving this wet weather.  They seem to be holding their own but I'm sure would appreciate my assistance some time soon.

Want to see something yucky and scary?????

Paper wasp nest

this is where it did hang it even killed the branches it hung from

Before leaving on vacation while walking around the yard found this huge nest in the tree.  Called Diane and told her when everyone returns from their individual trips this needed to be taken care of.

Problem solved - high winds from storm took it down for us.  Apparently (I know nothing about these things) it was an empty nest.

Ugh now I have to get the courage to get close enough to bag it and put in garbage.  I'm not rushing into that.

Spring flowers are finished, and the beginning of early summer flowers -   I'm going to have a bumper crop of carnation poppies

They have scattered themselves in various parts of the flower beds.  Last year they didn't get to bloom.  Stacy pulled them as weeds last year.  Lucky, she didn't get the roots so they are in abundance this year.

Here is something else scary -

Pretty flowers yes,  abundance of weeds and this is just a small portion of the flower beds.  I seriously have to get out there in between the rain drops.  However, by the time Gus leaves I'm too tired and while he has been here it has rained so I cant even take him out with me.  If it isn't raining its too wet to have him running around.

Grip grip grip, right - all winter I waited for this and now grip grip grip.  But I have a real thing about weeds.  

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