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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two Quilts and A Sew Day

Today was Sew day with the girls.

First one I have been to since July.  It was tons of  fun, with 10 of us all working on different projects.

I took Tula Pinks with me and finished only one..  So much activity going on, and each Tula Pink I picked up (5) I had previously cut at home but what I feared would happen did.  One of blocks was missing a small piece, another one I had one piece cut incorrectly and with all the happy chatter it was hard to concentrate.

Some of the girls were helping others with questions on their projects and a few had me helping them.  This is what makes it so fun, you don't go to sew day to really get much sewing done, you go for the good company and conversation and exchange of ideas.

Before leaving today I did load and quilt a baby quilt for customer:

Also loaded and started a Tshirt quilt which I finished after returning and shortly after supper.

Ha, a 2fer, in one day -  just to clarify - they are small quilts and easy quilting designs.  The baby quilt was free motion clouds and the T shirt meandering.

I do know this, I'm rather tired tonight.

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