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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bestest EVER Thanks So Much

I have the bestest daughter ever.

She works so hard at her job and since my hip operation has been over here as much as possible. She has cleaned my house - done yard work.

Yesterday she and Ky and Gus came to weed some of the flower beds (no pictures) hahahahaha.

After PT yesterday I was feeling pretty darn good, but then had a setback - strained a muscle which sent horrific shooting pains through my hip.  I honestly thought I had dislocated something, but talking to PT they assured me my hip replacement was fine.

Wayne had to actually lift my leg for me to get into bed and again to get me out. Grrrrrr and weep - made me cry.

Today Stacy took me to an emergency PT treatment -where they did a full massage and pulsating massage.

She is now outside again doing My yard work that I wont be able to do for a while.  Told her it wasnt necessary as what ever happens to the flowers now - will just have to be what is what is.  She insisted on getting it done for me.  She know how I feel about my flowers and yard.

The tomatoes are comng in fast and furious and I have so many I need to can them or set a stand out front which Im not going to do.  Bless her heart in between weeding she cooked up some of them and then froze them.  No food will go to waste around here LOL.

I know she has tons of her own work to do at home, but still she finds the time for old Ma.

She really does pitch in and help whenever needed.

Now if you have known us when she was a young girl especially teen years, you would think we would never be close - what a pain my >>>>>> when she was young.  If I had said it was a nice day she would spout back NO IT ISNT.  We clashed and clashed but in the end there was always love just not liking there.

She has been such a huge help to us whenever we need her - Wayne gets sick boom she is there to do what is needed - I get sick boom she is here to help out.

So this one blog post is just to say a big Thanks to my daughter who was such a little sht when she was young but look at her now.

This is the only picture of Stacy that I could find without her tongue sticking out.  One of her favorite things to do when having her pic taken.

Love You Baby Girl

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