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Saturday, August 24, 2013


My first attempt at loading and quilting on my longarm went pretty well today.

Granted it took me longer than usual, and yes I was pretty tired and sore but I did take a few breaks before the final rows.

Don't know if you remember this quilt from a while back - Scrappy - but I thought I better try something easy for the first time quilting.

I used my free motion leaves and loops - its almost fall and this quilt has the right colors for a fall quilt, hence the leaves.

Even the backing was made from large pieces of scraps from my stash.  Little money was used in the making of this quilt. I think I might try to sell it on Etsy for about $100.00 just to cover the cost of batting and my time.

I will be putting on a hand turned binding - giving me something to do while resting in my recliner.

Just had to give it a try today, one of my quilters is dropping a quilt off on Monday - So Yes Im Back and ready for quilts - come on customers bring me your quilts.

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