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Monday, November 23, 2015

Beautiful Stars And More

Love love love this quilt the colors the pattern, everything about it.

Used a panto this time -  Polka Dot Stars - looks good - I think!

Some lucky person is going to be so happy to get this one, unless the customer decides to keep it herself.

I know I would have a problem giving it away.

But then, I always want to keep them after they are finished - even the ones intended to go to a different home.  If I kept every quilt I made, they would be stacked to the ceilings in every room and bulging out the walls.

I do have photos of every quilt, - well almost every one.  The first few I made I neglected to photograph so now I have to use my memory (which could be a problem) and try to remember each quilt I have made and given away.

There a few that come to mind, that I wish I could get back.   You know those people that just don't appreciate the love and work not to mention the expense of making quilts.  The gifts I give are intended to be used and loved. If a quilt is worn out from use, I don't mind.  I know it was appreciated and used as it was intended.   Not shoved in a plastic bin to be forgotten or possibly tossed out by mistake while cleaning a garage.

Wow where did all of that come from.   Something must be nagging in my subconscious.

Shake it off - like Toby said - bad things/people don't get to live in my head rent free.

On a much brighter note - went over to Toby, Sarah, and Gus's house last night for chili and birthday cake -
Its so darn hard to believe Gus is 3 already

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