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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Number 2 for yesterday

Not much to say other than snow is good for quilting hehehehehe

Loving this - simple but effective, shows off the movement and  texture -  this is for a gentleman therefore, no swirls and flowers -  this ripple effect is one of my "go to" for men - I have others that I can use as well but for this quilt I really like the way the ripples enhance the blocks and stripes.

Another day of staying in, and winter begins with hibernation.  At least for me - unless I have to be someplace I spend many days inside.  This can lead to cabin fever but its a little early in the season for that.

I am thinking of getting out the Christmas tree and decorations soon, but I can wait until after Thanksgiving.

A change of decorations always perks me up.

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