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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What Can I Say

Cats cats and more cats

The challenge to lay them out - sew a sashing and cornerstones in between the cats and rows and then............. Quilt it.

It took more time than I had expected but at long long last its done and ready for me to add the machine binding.

This is a customers quilt that was not finished and she brought me the completed blocks to assemble into the top and then quilt and bind.

I seriously doubted if I was ever going to finish this one before Thanksgiving, but I pushed on.

The problem being, each cat and attached sashing took over 15min a piece and after standing in one position for 15 min and side stepping only a few inches, became a real issue with my back.  I had to take many many breaks in between the quilted blocks.  7 across and 7 rows down - and the outer borders all custom quilted.

So you can do the math just on the quilting portion, not the breaks in between.

If a person ever got tired of the cats they could flip the quilt over because I think the back is pretty too..

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