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Friday, February 27, 2015

Scrap Busting

As most, if not all, quilters know - there is a secret reproduction of scraps that occur without our knowledge as to how it happened.

You buy all this lovely yardage of fabric make some pretty quilts and before you know it - you have enough strips, squares and rectangles that magically turn into a mountain of scraps.  Too beautiful to throw away and yet not big enough to do anything with.

So you collect them and overnight, they reproduce into another mountain.  Oh my lord  where did all of these come from.

Did someone sneak into my house while I was sleeping and leave theirs with mine in hopes I wouldn't notice.

Just to be clear I do have some of my good friend quilters that honestly hand me bags of scraps and that is all well and good and I don't turn any scraps away.  They need a home too you know.

But in most cases the scraps that I'm currently using are all mine.  At least I think they are.  Then again maybe they are from someone else.  After awhile you lose track as to where that pretty plaid came from and when did I make a quilt with red batik????

No matter where they come from and no matter how much you use there is always an abundance more to play with, and if you leave them alone in a dark cabinet,, unsupervised, they reproduce.

So here is my current scrap buster and the name of pattern (not mine)  Reproduction Chain.

Appropriate huh?

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