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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Good News!!!

I have the best news ever for 2015

My good friend Annette and her husband Tim are returning to WI - I'm so excited to have them back home again.

She was here this past weekend, arrived Fri and left for IN Sunday with the plan of moving bag and baggage and hubby next Saturday.

When she returns she can pick up the quilt I just quilted for her - starting last night and finishing this morning.

Isn't this a fun looking quilt.  I used a panto called Folkart Flowers by Patricia Ritter

It seems I go in streaks as far as how I'm stitching these quilt tops.

For a period of time I will do free motion quilting and then its on to panto stitching.

It all depends on what the quilt top wants, "they do talk to me you know".

For the rest of the day I will be in my sewing room working on the string quilt I started ages ago.

Its an unofficial Sunday Sew In Day with the girlz

This is the year I work on UFO's and other not yet started projects.

After all of my fabric F.A.R.Ts last year I had better plan on getting some of that beautiful fabrics made up into even more beautiful quilts.

So follow along this year and see what develops each one will be different and each one as beautiful as the one before.

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