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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Because!

Just because its that time of year again, where I go a little stir crazy!

Its not like I don't have anything to do, because I do.

Its just that it seems to be same thing day in day out.   This time of year I, probably, like everyone else, is getting that cabin fever.

Cant tell you how unbelievable quiet it seems when there is snow on the ground, the sun is not shining and I have nowhere to go.  Its just me and Belle and Millie - and they don't say much.

So of course what to do but sew - ee gads - I do that 365 days out of the year - well almost 365.

After finishing my Floating Stars (yes binding done) what else to do - continue working on my Red and White scrappy - and my mind wanders!!!

I'm thinking of the days coming this summer where I have several trips planned again this year.

Sometimes half the fun of going someplace is the planning on going.

That's what helps to keep me sane during these few months.

Part of the winter blues makes a person want to go someplace but not willing to make the effort to GO!

Magic wand! -  Tap tap tap - showered and dressed make up on  -  Magic wand! - Tap tap tap - house cleaned - Magic wand! - Tap tap tap - jump in car and go.................... Where???

Put away the magic wand and go back to the sewing room

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