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Saturday, April 12, 2014


That's what Gus says when he sees a truck or car.  He loves watching them go by the house and now he has a quilt of vroom vroom.

I while back I quilted this type of quilt for Karla, and Gus fell in love with the quilt, he cried if he couldn't touch it.

Karla was generous enough to give me her left overs, and I purchased the sashing borders and backing.

Gus is napping now, (he is suppose to be anyway). When he gets up I will give him his quilt.

I'm thinking I have to make a second one, he can have this one at his house, and I will need one for here.

I quilted with wavy lines so he can use them as roads when he plays with his matchbox cars.  LOL not like he will follow the lines right now but someday when he is older he might.

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