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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life Ups and Downs

How to explain:

I'm still dealing with my wonderful husband passing November 2, 2014.  Now I received news my oldest brother Don Kallner passed away yesterday.

My heart is breaking again.

I know I could be screaming why why why to all of this, but I'm not.

Knowing Don and his beliefs I'm sure he is with God and he and Wayne are together, watching over us.

I'm sure they are sharing many stories of past days.

We are left here to miss them terribly but we know we will be with them some day and in the meantime, we remember them in all of the fondest ways.

I'm sharing this photo of Don his beautiful wife Cheryl, and I'm not sure which granddaughter as I copied this picture from their daughter in law Kelly.

This is the way I want to remember him, with that big smile.

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