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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Before During And After

Easter has come and gone for another year.  Turned out to be a really really nice day.

Before Easter I had finished another one of my customer (2 of 3) quilts:

Quilted with free motion echo feathers throughout.

Beautiful sunny day let us bring our Easter celebration outside, where everyone got to enjoy a good meal, and fun in the sun.

That darned old Easter Bunny hid 32 eggs in the yard, which took some time for them to all be found.

Belle, on the other hand found a few before the kids did and managed to crack them open and eat the candy inside.  Which meant Stacy and I had to relocate and re hide eggs before the kids went looking for them.

As long as that was the biggest mishap of the day, I was happy.

Gus has not realized his eyes are bigger than his mouth.

His beautiful sister Kylee helped him find his share of eggs.

And my handsome great grandson Tavyn, even though he looks like he is chilling, found 16 or more of the eggs all by himself.  (truth be told, he went and scoped out the yard before Ky and Gus got here) but he kept his secret.

Yes that is a mohawk he is sporting.  Although this grandma is not a fan, his dad is.  The good thing about hair at that age, it does grow out.  Let the growing begin.  Even so he is pretty darn cute, but then I could be just a little prejudice, naaa  he is just plain cute no denying that.

Back to everyday stuff, working on customer quilts, babysitting Gus.

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