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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quilting Tuesday

My how plans can change in a blink of an eye or in my case - a broken iron.

Had my day all planned out a little of my own sewing and then load and quilt a customer quilt.

Material cut and sewing away - pressing pieces - hmm that iron should have been warmed up by now....
Sewing more pieces - what still not hot - whats happening.  Luke warm is all I get???  Yep another iron bites the dust.  I go through irons about 2 a year and it doesn't matter how much or little I spend.

It couldn't be because I use an iron everyday could it.

Oh well on to next step in my day - quilting!!

Here is one of my favorite customers quilts.

Because the fabric was so busy went with simple meandering as you would never see any design anyway, other than in the diamonds - I did my version of free motion dahlia flower.

Some little girl is going to love this bright neon quilt.

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