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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cuddles and Kisses All Day

"Because this is the last week  I will be spending with grandma for a while she is spoiling me all day with cuddles and kisses.  Grandma has to get her hip replaced so she can be all better and play with me without too much pain.

Surprise she fixed me a new favorite lunch - Macaroni and cheese.  Now my grandma really knows how to make a baby boy happy. For dessert its bananas. mmm another favorite.

Now its my turn to give grandma a surprise, while she is the kitchen cleaning up lunch, I crawl to a chair and pull myself up, standing there showing off for my grandma.

Oh she got the camera out, smile like a big boy!!!

After showing off its time for a new toy -   what did she get me - wow - so much fun

Plastic bowl with a lit - whoop whoop.

I love it thanks Grandma.

Just for that I'm going to take a nice long nap this afternoon and give her a break.

And when I wake up its going to be more cuddles and kisses.

Love from Gus!!!!

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Kay Lynne said...

What a sweetheart!