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Thursday, February 4, 2016

No Idle Hands

Nope not for me.

After quilting the owl quilt and another (pic to follow) for Two Chatelaine's Farm Retreat house, my friend Candy and I delivered them.

I was nosey and wanted to check it out for possible retreat gathering later this year.

Its a absolutely charming 100 year old farm house, with all the lighting and amenities we ask for at a retreat house.

What fun to go there and see the quilts I'm quilting being displayed.

Number 3 - this one reminds me of a Victorian or English garden - quilted it free hand feathered flowers

Number 2 - Beautiful green foliage and flowers- quilted using a panto  Fern Gully -

Wont they look nice in a vintage farm house setting.

After inspecting the retreat house we headed to Belleville - Patches and Petals - a new shop for me -

In addition to working on these I have kept busy playing around with decorating balls turning them into Christmas balls.

This is my first attempt - and it took a whole lot longer than I thought it would. That's the way it goes on a first try - the next ones will go faster I'm sure.

My imagination is running wild on all the possibilities!!!.  And.... I still have to make my fold n stitch wreath for Valentine's day -  which its going to be a short display as its almost here and Im way behind.

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