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Saturday, February 20, 2016


My goodness had not realized how long its been since I have posted anything.

Not that I haven't been busy, because I have!

First lets talk about this really cute/pretty quilt I just completed for a customer:


I did several different quilting's , free motion Mctavishing (which you know I love)  swirls in the hearts - ruler work in some of the black squares and ruler work on the border.  Talk about movement - this just flows with movement.

Played some more with the ornaments.  Having way too much fun with these.

Crocheted a lap afghan for myself

I call this my minky blanket - because the yarn is as soft as minky fabric 

Currently I'm attempting to crochet a cardigan - I downloaded a pattern that I thought, yes I thought, would be quite simple. One word NOT!!!!   I have been crocheting for years and can usually manage to read a pattern but this one has me tearing my hair out.  But that does not stop me.  I'm going to use the stitch in the pattern, but am making up my own pattern to make the cardigan.  Fingers crossed it isn't a disaster.  I know one thing I have to buy more yarn because as usual I misjudge the amount I need.

Shopping is necessary and required today!!!

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