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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray

My goal has been met - I did get all of my Christmas present made (still some little shopping to do but not to worry about that).

The pressure is off I can now concentrate on some little projects and another customer quilt.

Time to Spare!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even took some time off from quilting to take a day trip to see great grandson Tavyn's Christmas School
Sing.  I love going to these programs.

The kids are so darn cute and really entertaining.

The only problem is the gym is set up with folding chairs and its almost impossible to see the kid you want to see.  I finally got tired of trying to see Tavyn I walked around the outskirts of the crowd and finally found a great view standing up but my line of vision was direct to see him.   It was hard to get a decent picture though - I was always too far away to get a good shot.  Even with just a few pictures though I will have the memories of watching and listening to these cute kids.

They grow up so darn fast - I can remember going to his mom's programs.

Time well spent this week between shopping with my friends, going to a school concert, and guild meeting last night.

Wish I could show you the completed Christmas presents, but that would spoil the surprises for everyone.

Maybe after everyone gets theirs I can post some after Christmas pictures.

Last night at guild we had a "Chinese present exchange"  Which amounts to bringing a wrapped present - and this is the different part - we all stood in a large circle and while singing Christmas Carols we passed to our right presents as the song was going on.  When the song stopped you were holding a present (not your own) we sang 3 carols and when all was done that was done the present you holding was now yours to open.

I received this really pretty Christmas panel which I plan on making something really special for Christmas next year.

In my haste to get to guild last night I didn't even bring along any show and tell

On the good side of that I did get to see everybody else's beautiful quilts and there were plenty to see.

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