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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Take A Break

I find myself getting farther and farther behind in updating you all  of my daily/weekly, even monthly posts.

So I have decided to take a break from "blogging"  so frequently -  I will continue to post my pictures on Facebook and most of you follow me there too - so never fear you will still see my quilts, Gus and family and flowers.  

If I have something really important ( to me or you) to post I will give you a shout out post, but for a few weeks, months I will just post my pictures openly on FB.

Now that said, I will finish this post with pictures of one I forgot to post about and another done by Annette Vance.

Marge Pulcine made this quilt and I did a custom quilting for her.

Then there is Annette Vance cute cute Zebra wall hanging

Thats enough for now -  the others, and there are a few, will be seen on FB.

IM hoping my next post will be all about the Quilt Expo in Madison - Im going Sept 10 - and fingers crossed I have entered one, not to say it will be shown, but its been  entered for approval and I wont hear until first part of August as to whether it will be shown or not.  Actually I entered 2 but we will see if either one will be shown.

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