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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting Caught Up

It's been a pretty busy past few weeks.

Between yard work, quilting a holiday and Gus. I have been keeping myself rather busy

Have completed all of the customer quilts as of this morning

It's been awhile since posting can't even remember what I have shown you and what I haven't. Here is what I've completed this week.

Throw 4th of July in the mix:

And then.......  dedication ceremony for Veterans Memorial  Milton WI

And lets not forget.......... more blooms - each day there are more and more  - while others blooms are done for the year - some are just coming into full bloom

this was a surprise, a Pink Carnation Poppies - where there were none now there is one

Another cycle..... time to revisit some of these beds to take out the weeds.   I worked in the front yesterday and that is done. Hahahahahaha - now to move around to these, clear them up and just in time to start the pond and front again.  What can I say - it never ends but then look at the rewards.

At least that is what I keep telling myself when I'm bent over tugging and digging and yes there are a few choice words that I might mumble.

Thank GOD for Kylee, she is my biggest helper.  She never refuses to help me when I ask.

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