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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This One Is Going On My To Do List

I'm so excited to be quilting this quilt for a customer - she has inspired me to try this -  its the Binding Tool Star Quilt by Jenny Doan   - I have fabric I have tool now to find the time -  maybe this will be going with me on retreat the 23rd of this month.

 This is just a tease - will do the final picture after the quilt is completed.

The other day I just had to do some actual sewing.   There are days that go by that I don't touch my sewing machine - but I get such a desire to sit and sew. Found a charm pack in my stash cupboard and thought hm what can I do with a charm pack that's a little different.

I'm sure someone out there has already done this with a charm pack, but I haven't seen one yet so for now this is my original thought.

Cut the charms in half 2.5x5 =  added a 2.5 square to each end using a background fabric -  sewed 3 strips together reversing direction of the 2.5 end sewed blocks into 5x6 rows -  added inner and outer border and now here is a 47x51 lap quilt or baby/toddler quilt.  There was one glitch to this - I was missing a final block because the charm pack did not have the amount needed so I had to dig into my stash to find a complimentary fabric for just one of the 2.5x5 strips.  This was sewn in no time - a one day project, actually half day by chain piecing.

It was a fun project, and if I wanted to make it bigger I would just use more charm packs.

Last night was Friendship Quilters study group meeting and we were given a little project to do -  fun and cute bags

cute little bag to put candy, cookie  a small gift or what ever inside -  Imagine the possibilities to make this any size from this little bitty to a much larger one   - I'm thinking how neat to make my own gift giving bags for birthdays and Christmas.

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