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Friday, July 31, 2015


That's how I'm beginning to feel

In my infinite wisdom (NOT)  I chose one of the most difficult tasks stitching this beautiful French Braid quilt -  for one mind blowing lapse in judgement I decided to do 1/4" ruler work on an 87 x 97 sized quilt.

What was I thinking.  That it is going to be gorgeous !   Because the quilter made such an amazing, spectacular quilt I just had to give it the extra attention it deserves.

Little did I know how long it would actually take me to do the quilting on a quilt this size.

In addition I had to have the repairman come to work on my machine twice - knock on wood its running smoothly now and I'm actually making progress.

I cant express the joy I felt when after working diligently row after row I actually can see the bottom of the quilt in sight.

This isn't to say it will be finished today.  But I do know there is an end coming.

My only hope and prayer is the quilter will love it as much as I do - this one has my blood, sweat and tears stitched into it.

And I swear to myself  NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

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